Skip the Learning Curve…


Hiring a procurement or sourcing consultant can be an expensive and questionable proposition. Are you ready to pay five or six figures and/or ongoing commissions for their help? Chances are you don’t need a long term engagement. You need a couple hours of direction.

You also don’t need someone taking credit for your great results. You want someone behind the scenes whose primary interest is to make YOU successful. You don’t need someone to do your job for you, you need someone to help you do your job better. We get it.

Your best solution may be an affordable mentor that you can get on board fast, without a bunch of reviews, approvals and headaches.

Our SpendMentorsSM network offers exactly what you need, based on who you are and where you are in your job and career. Take a look at our network and contact us to see what benefits we can bring to your organization by helping you to Skip the Learning Curve.